Groudine, (Grudyn) Vladimir (1893-1980)

Ukrainian composer, pianist, teacher and conductor. Studied composition with Gliere at the Odessa Conservatoire. Conducted at the Odessa and Kiev Operas before teaching. Settled in Paris after World War II, and moved to America in the early 1950s, where he composed and taught at the Ukrainian Music Institute in New York.

Piano sonata Op.4
Piece on Moldovan Themes for violin and piano
Two Etudes for piano Op.7
String quartet Op.8
Six Preludes for piano Op.10
Twelve Etudes for piano Op.12
Burlesque and Toccata for piano Op.12
Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 Op.13
Two Pieces for clarinet and piano Op.13
Poem on Ukrainian Themes for violin and piano
Symphony No.1 Op.16
Piano trio No.1 Op.18
Poem for cello and piano Op.27
Prelude and Toccata for piano Op.28
Two Suites for voice and piano Op.32
Burlesque for piano Op.34
Cello sonata Op.35
Exotic Poem for violin and piano Op.37
Concerto for piano and orchestra No.2 Op.38
Caprice-Dance for violin and piano Op.40
Nocturne for violin and piano Op.48
Piano trio No.2 Op.56
Twelve Preludes for piano Op.56
Poem of Spring for violin and piano Op.57
Poem of Autumn for violin and piano Op.58
Pantomime for piano Op.61
Prelude for piano Op.62
Violin sonata No.1 Op.66
Suite for piano Op.69
Valse for piano Op.73
Violin sonata No.2 Op.83
Symphony No.2
Suite No.1 Ukrainian for orchestra   
Suite No.2 Belorussian for orchestra   
Suite No.3 The Dream for orchestra   
Symphonic poem after Shevchenko for baritone and orchestra   
Stanza for violin and piano   
Romance for violin and piano   
Waltz for violin and piano   
Nocturne for cello and piano   
Burlesque for cello and piano   
Children's Suite for piano   
Fantasia for piano   
Meditation for piano   
Three Pedagogical Pieces for piano   
Choruses after Zoroviy   
Don Quixote's Serenade for voice and piano   
Waltz for voice and piano   
Songs after Ukrainka   
Songs after Franko   
Songs after Shevchenko   
Songs after Sosiura   
Songs after Shelley   
Songs after Oles   
Songs after Tsuayuki